Almost Colored Bangles & Rings

Colorful bangles and silver rings.
Spring was blown out by “almost colors” in Fery creations. Always on 925 silver, handmade, new and light galvanic and patina colors.

Golden Warm. Gilding with warm tones, which refers to ancient Etruscan traditions.
White Sand. The matte patina with variable ivory and sandblasted tones, protected by a glaze.
Silver Skin. The reticulated and oxidized silver in the Fery texture style.
Rhodium Blues. Galvanic in rhodium that gives a slightly glossy finish in unique color, ranging from shades of blue to anthracite with purple glitter. Denim effect.

Bracelets and rings for sale at four sets. The colors can be combined at your choice.


• Write me in the notes the color combination and your fitting desired size. For help or any doubt:

• This design is bespoke and made to order. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for crafting and production.

• Order 30 days in advance in case of delivery delays during peak seasons. For any questions about this jewel, write me now here:


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Silver 925 hand crafted in rectangular section or in half round shape. Welded and then reticulated.

Each color has a different chemical process. The gilding is in gold, as the blue-black is in rhodium. White is given by a patina and protective coating and the burnished silver is chemically oxidized then polished.

Bangles: standard size of about 20 cm in circumference. Other sizes available on request, just write the inside diameter of a bangle that already fits on you. For doubts and help:

Rings: your custom size. Please write me if you need help or you don’t know how to know it.

*Due to the custom nature this item is non-refundable.

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Bangles (set of 4), Rings (set of 4)