Around Liberty / Warm Gold & Black


🌿Liberty buttons, clean lines, matt glaze patina.🌿

Round base for this simple and particular model. The liberty motif was satinized and gilded with an Etruscan gold tone. The base was brushed and finished with an opaque enamel patina.

These earrings belong to a mini collection: the Fery Studs.

🌿Each leaf, every Gothic decoration, each flame, every geometrical shape, including pins, were entirely hand crafted.

🌿💀It’s a one of a kind model, only available here!



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Lobe earrings. High welded pins for a better fit.
One different from another.

Hand cut, then colored. The coloring took place in two ways: the galvanic gold plating of the decor and the matt black finish of the base.

The round base is 1.5 cm in diameter.


The lobe earrings are all in silver and bicolor, with boho-rock finishes.

Designed by a woman for a woman, they are small, lightweight, ageless and perfect for many outfits.

• The shapes are minimal and geometric: round, square, oval, rectangular.
• Colors and texture are different and play on contrasts.

Blue rhodium creates unusual and unpredictable effects. The shades change from cobalt blue to anthracite gray depending on how light reflects.

The reticulated silver. The rock texture that gives motion with light-colored games.

Burnished. Chemical oxidation that blacks silver in anthracite tones, then hand-regulated.

Gilding. The galvanic with the warm tones of gold.