Cruzeiro / Ring


The Cruzeiro or Santo Cruzeiro, born on inspiration and Asia Argento’s desire.
Charm of protection, harmony, positivity and spirituality.
On the net you can find several references and meanings. In a broader sense, this type of cross is resumed in so many iconographic finds and known by different names and variants, spread all over the world. In the Middle Ages it seemed to be considered a totipotent talisman. The origins of this cross are so Catholic, but “[…] it is equally true that it is out of the Catholic milieu that has met greater favor: in the Orthodox and in the esoteric context. The history of the Cross crossed the seas and reached Latin America during the period of slavery and its cult was strong and mysterious. In the Cubana Santerìa and in the syncretic cults of Brazil (Macumba first and Umbanda then) it is stated that the Cruz de Caravaca is capable of removing every trap of evil and breaking any charm or burial.

Aside from the pendant, the ring: adjustable, shaped hand cut by a unique silver sheet.

• This design is bespoke and made to order. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for crafting and production.

• Write me in the box your size, which texture you prefer and any other requests.

• Order 30 days in advance in case of delivery delays during peak seasons. For any questions about this jewel, write me now here:


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Charm is about 2,5/3 cm and 1,6-1,8 mm thick. Mirror like or light satin texture, but if you prefer it’s possible to reticulate it too. The pendant is sold like necklace, 50 cm chain included.

The ring is adjustable. The cross is about 2 cm long, handcut on a 0,8 mm silver sheet. Texture as you like, leave me a note in the box.

*Due to the custom nature this item is non-refundable.