Dionea Muscipula Brooch


The Multilayer Silverplant.

Born between 2013/2014, a sculptural piece that recalls the world as a plant appearance. Graphic is freely taken from the imagination of the cult movie “Little Shop of Horrors“.
 Overlapped and riveted silver layers with electrowelding.

Mobile details. A leaf flows and the flower’s mouth opens, revealing a little surprise.

A new version is with golden and glazed details. Wholly handmade brooch.

N.B .: Each Dionea will be offered and sold numbered and customized.


• The model sold in the pic is that one with gilded golden details. Unique piece.

• Questo modello è realizzato su ordinazione*. Il tempo di realizzazione e finitura è di circa 2-4 settimane.

• Ordina circa 30 giorni in anticipo in caso di ordini durante le festività. Per ogni domanda o dubbio scrivi già adesso qui: fery@fery.it


In stock


Jewel object. Designed as a micro sculpture, as a pendant or brooch at customer’s request.

The version sold in the pic is a Unique and collectible piece, delivered numerated and customized. Gilded details.

Size 7 cm for about 4 cm.

Original and exclusive design by Fery®

*Due to the custom nature this item is non-refundable.