Le Ampolle – Potion Maxi Charm / Elisir Collection

Ampoules, potions. Maxi charms with double chain, alchemies of joints and overlays.
Inspirations from old bottles, ornamental decorations, small rivets as a distinctive trait, double chain. Symbols of light and good energy, for heart, soul and mind.

Heart Potion n.1. / Soul Potion n.1 / Mind Potion n.1

Respectively Heart, Liberty and Medallion ampoules, wholly handmade, from fusion to fitting. Silver overlays in ornamental motifs with small rivet stitches, signature badges and Silver Art by Fery® signature. Exclusive design, unique piece. Silver 925.

Double Potion Mind & Heart n.1

Chain with double side charms. Mind, perfect circle charm, with central crossings, union of intellect and creativity. Heart, the classic heart revamped, the emotional center with scratched finish on the plate, overlapping games.

The Capsule: Elisir, Fery’s Silver Potions.
Limited edition collection.

Potions, spells, whispers, handmade amulets with craftsmanship methods that give uniqueness and peculiarity to each jewel. The 925 silver, noble element, also becomes magical, as well as its coloring: variations of shades depending on the melting and finishing, chosen in harmony with the design and the shape of the metal.
Each piece is hand made, unique and numbered, Fery’s exclusive design.

The creations (numbered 1) in these gallery were created exclusively and sold only by Giovanna Tedeschi,  “La Bottega di Mariella” – L’Albereta Chateaux & Relais, Erbusco (BS).




Maxi pendants about 6-7 cm. Multilayer. Mounted with double chain.
Long chain of about 75 cm and clips of about 4 cm.
Glossy finish on slightly frosted casting plate, scratched and engraved surfaces inside.
Multiple long chain types of different lenght allow you to wear the accessory in at least two ways, depending on the chain you choose to fit your head.

Unique and numbered pieces. On request other type available made to order.