Look Hat Me / The Hat Jewel


Object, accessory, jewel, micro sculpture. The first jewel for hat.

An idea beyond the patterns, accessory for accessories.

Distinctive and unique, research oriented to artistic aesthetics, including abstractism, geometry, surrealism and pop figurativism.

Each ray, feather has a different finishing.
 The choice is to let the silver of this piece aging and get antiquing with time. The eye at the center of “stylized plumage” is an obvious reference to Andy Fumagalli / FLUON works of paint.

Also worn as a diadem.

 Unique piece, collection piece.


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Designed as a micro sculpture, it can be worn as a tiara too. The closure is made of an eco-leather belt, to be knotted.
 The clamp on which the central body is welded is in harmonic silver, molded and hand-worked.

Unique and collectible piece, delivered numerated and customized.

NB: HAT is not included!

Original and exclusive design by Fery®