Love Metal – The Heartagram Collier

Heartagram inspired collier.

The inspiration is that of tattoos. Graphics that relate to ink on skin.

Experiment on multiple levels. Proper definition for this unusual unique piece, an example of close bond between contemporary arts.
Layer overlays, reticulated to the point of almost melting, electrowelded rivets as signatures.
This peculiar piece is inspired by the Ville Hermanni Valo’s cult tattoo, the frontman of the Finnish band HIM and the symbolisms of the group.


Price on request.



From the central unit, to the closure, to the chain, this necklace is entirely made by hand directly on silver sheet previously fused and laminated.
The Baroque motifs are decorated with melted silver powder. The heart and the whole graphic structure consist of multiple layers of silver overlapped and soldered. Electrowelded rivets are distinctive details. The Leiki flame, in the center of the heart, is welded directly onto the piece.
The collier is about 55 cm. Silver Tattoo Length approx. 17 cm.

Unique piece, but reinterpretable on request, delivered signed and customized.