Modus VivAndy – The Liberty Luxury Silver Mask


Collaboration with the versatile Andy Fumagalli, creative leader of FLUON (lab, brand, music group) and member of the best known italian band, Bluvertigo.

A representation and tribute to his vision, between futurism & surrealism, baroque curves & basic design. Silver is the precious element that turns into something beyond a mask, a real jewel.

Modus VivAndy is also worn upholstered as a decorative element, as inspiration suggests. 
In Liberty key. In a free key.

PH: Miss Sorry Studio (with Prince Maurice) / Giuse Rossetti



Silver mask, molded and welded on sheet layers of minimal thickness, so as not to weigh on the face. Completely finished and pierced by hand. Finish satin and slightly hammered.

Modus VivAndy is a declinable jewel accessory in a variety of uses. Harmonized if necessary on customer’s face and strictly personalized. Supplied with leather lanyard to knit.

Original and exclusive design by Fery®

In the gallery pic, you’ll see the first model made, belonging to Andy.

Created only in unique, exclusive, collectible pieces