Silver Harlequin Mask and BodyNecklace


Geometric inspiration, jewelery design accessory.

One eye remains uncovered, another framed.
 This piece is far beyond the classic mask idea. It is not just a face ornament, but an unusual jewel that can be worn in many ways. Like collier sculpture.
 A chariot piece, made up of micro silver flaps, folded like leaves in the wind, overlaid as small pages. If upright, almost a question mark.

This is the creation that, like a cube of Rubik, tests who wears it. The solution is always correct: only point of view. Is it a mask, is it a body necklace, is it a choker? It’s up to you.

In photo gallery you’ll see Silver Harlequin worn by also the guitarist Fabio Mittino, portrayed for the promotion of his album by Dorothy Bawhl.

• This design is bespoke and made to order. Please allow 4 weeks for crafting and production.

• Order 30 days in advance in case of delivery delays during peak seasons. For any questions about this jewel, write me now here:


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Unique collectible piece, created with patience and care.

Not just a mask. Composition of hand-cut silver dowels, composite, molded and welded on finished drawing, entirely hand-finished.
 The texture is shiny brilliant silver, with darkened spots, due to the melting effect. Electrowelded rivets are stylistic details.

Declining jewel accessory in different uses. Created only in unique and collectible pieces, harmonized if necessary on customer’s face and strictly personalized.

Original and exclusive design by Fery®

*Due to the custom nature this item is non-refundable.