Silver Vision – Liberty Glasses


Adorable ornament, decoratif face tinsel. An irregular frame, born from inspiration and silver scraps, derived from fusions of wires, chopsticks, experiments of new sections.

The welds, the Liberty touch, the eye uncovered. Clear vision, but embellished with silver reflections. No preparatory drawing, no pattern followed.

Unique and unrepeatable piece, in the most genuine sense of the term.

Frame that does not have replicas, unless they are different from time to time.

Thanks to Miss Sorry the most beloved Italian pin-up photographer, for the pic and the pose shared.

• The model in the pic is sold as unique piece. For bespoke models, custome made for you, write me:

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Original and exclusive piece.

Face jewel accessory, reproducible only in unique and collectible pieces, harmonized on customer’s face and rigorously personalized.

Original and exclusive design by Fery®