Whispers Earrings / Elisir Collection

Earrings like whisper, like sweet silver voices that enchant soul, heart and mind.

Spring Whispers
Unique and light intricate, slightly leafy, sometimes feathered, that accompanies the ear to the sounds of spring.
Lightweight, openwork pendants, frame your face and lighten your heart, twisting in wraps with Ampolla Mind Potion n.1.

The Capsule: Elisir, Fery’s Silver Potions.
Limited edition collection.

Potions, spells, whispers, handmade amulets with craftsmanship methods that give uniqueness and peculiarity to each jewel. The 925 silver, noble element, also becomes magical, as well as its coloring: variations of shades depending on the melting and finishing, chosen in harmony with the design and the shape of the metal.
Each piece is hand made, unique and numbered, Fery’s exclusive design.

The creations (numbered 1) in these gallery were created exclusively and sold only by Giovanna Tedeschi,  “La Bottega di Mariella” – L’Albereta Chateaux & Relais, Erbusco (BS).




Spring Whispers. Lobe earrings with multilayer rivets and welds. To match with Spell.
Whispers. Lobe pendant earrings with lily pendant and light weave pattern “Mind”, lightly hammered finish and light satin.

Unique and numbered pieces. On request, it’s possible to realize subsequent numbers with similar graphics, but not the same.