FERY Gift Card

Starting from € 150

You can decide whether to spend it for yourself or using it to make a special gift.

The voucher includes:

  • creating a personalized jewel within the budget you've purchased
  •  the graphic project development
  • packaging and shipping *

No more wrong or gifts to be changed. No stress for having ideas. You will  enjoy onlythe amazing effect that this surprise will make to those you love!




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The GIFT CARD is valid for online purchases.

This CARD is non-refundable and is valid until it is activated.

For the products “BUY NOW” and for the MADE TO ORDER collections the voucher is not valid unless they correspond exactly to the value of the voucher. For any doubt, contact me before purchasing.

Once you payed your card, you can activate it whenever you want: you’ll simply have to send me an email with the details of the payment, your personal data, the name and the lucky one’s data that will receive the CARD.

After that, I will confirm your CARD and it’s done: just let me be contacted directly from the person to whom the CARD is gifted and together we’ll start its jewel creation.

* Shipping included for Italy, for other countries varies depending on the value of the voucher purchased and the rate proposed by the Courier.

For any kind of question and doubt feel free to write: fery@fery.it

Additional information

Valore del buono

150 €, 250 €, 350 €